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Madhumangal (Krishna's Friend) soft toy ; height - 8 inch

Madhumangal (Krishna's Friend) soft toy ; height - 8 inch

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They are very attractive & designed in excellent quality. These are made by the Vraja vasi's of Sri Dham Vrindavan and we promote cruelty free and fair trade policy. These soft toys ensure safety and durability. They are made of high quality materials (Lycra cloth and polycotton). It is washable and non-toxic. Your little child can hug, play and cuddle with this adorable toy. Keep feeling good all the time. These toys will encourage the child to interact and are a perfect partner for imaginative play. If you would like to purchase any other dolls please see in the other listing in this section. ** Murlidhar
** Krishna
** Radha
** Balarama
** Nanda Baba and Yashoda Mata
** Lalita gopi
** Visakha gopi
** Cow
** Calf
** Hanuman
** Ravana
** Pink shila
** Blue shila
** Govardhana shila
** Madhu Mangal
** Dhenukasura demon
** Vatsasura demon
** Narayana shila
** Nrsimha shila
** Shiva
** Parvati
** Nandi
** Ganesha
** Vraj Monkey
** Nrsimha deva & Prahlada maharaj (available only as a set)
** 5 Pandus - Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva (available only as a set)
** Gaur-Nitai – Yellow print (available only as a set)
** Gaur-Nitai – Multicolour (available only as a set)
** Rama, Sita & Laksmana (available only as a set)
** Asta sakhis - eight gopis (available only as a set)
** Jagannath, Baladev, Subhadra (available only as a set)for 10 inch deities.

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