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Paisley design with flower artificial stone mukut

Paisley design with flower artificial stone mukut

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Radiating with intricate beauty and elegance, this Mukut showcases a mesmerizing paisley design adorned with artificial stone flowers. The paisley motifs, meticulously crafted, evoke a sense of timeless sophistication and grace. Delicately intertwined with floral elements, each stone exudes vibrancy and charm, enhancing the Mukut's allure. Symbolizing abundance and prosperity, this exquisite adornment adds a regal touch to deity statues or sacred spaces. With its harmonious blend of paisley and floral elements, it elevates the spiritual ambiance, exuding a sense of divine splendor and grace.

  • Mesmerizing paisley design adorned with artificial stone flowers
  • Meticulously crafted motifs evoke timeless sophistication and grace
  • Floral elements delicately intertwined, exuding vibrancy and charm
  • Symbolizes abundance and prosperity, enhancing the spiritual ambiance with regal splendor

                          Size Chart:

                          1.5 cm/ 1.75 cm/ 2 cm- Upto 2.5 inch height deities

                          2.25 cm/ 2.5 cm/ 2.75 cm- 2.55 to 4.5 inch height deities

                          3 cm and 3.25 cm- 4.55 to 7 inch height deities

                          3.5 cm and 4 cm- 7.1 to 8 inch height deities

                          4.25 cm/ 4.5 cm/ 5 cm- 8.1 to 10 inch height deities

                          5.15 cm to 6 cm- 10.1 to 12 inch height deities

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