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Kamal gatta mala/ Lotus seed mala (8 mm, dark brown)

Kamal gatta mala/ Lotus seed mala (8 mm, dark brown)

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It symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi. A person desirous of much wealth should perform Jaap of Goddess Lakshmi with a rosary of Kamal Gatta of 108 beads. It is said that it renders plenty of wealth to the person and if it performed on Akshaya Tritiya with a Kamal Gatta rosary. Kamal gatta mala is also known as dried lotus bead mala. This is why for the Sadhana and Mantra chanting of Lakshmi we use a special rosary made of seeds of lotus which is called Kamalgatta mala. The Goddess is easily appeased if one uses this rosary for the chanting of her Mantra and she bestows upon him wealth and comforts. It Is Also Known As Driend Lotus Bead Mala Because It Is Made Of Lotus Seeds. It Represents The Goddess Laxmi If You Want To Get More Wealth Then Must Perform Jap With Kamal Gatta Mala. It Is Believed That Renders Of This Mala Get Plenty Of Wealth If You Recite It On The Akshaya Tritiya.Kamal Gatta Mala Is Also Known As Dried Lotus Bead Mala. Lakshmi Is Also Called Kamalvaasini - I.E. One Who Sits On A Lotus. This Is Why For The Sadhana And Mantra Chanting Of Lakshmi, We Use A Special Rosary Made Of Seeds Of Lotus Which Is Called Kamalgatta Mala. The Goddess Is Easily Appeased If One Uses This Rosary For The Chanting Of Her Mantra And She Bestows Upon Him Wealth And Comforts.

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